AAU: Extra-curriculum

AAU: Extra-curriculum

Other than wonderful people, the variety of classes offered, and its location (click here to read more). AAU also offers various extra-curricular activities. I will talk about some of my favorite ones in this post, like hiking club, Sound Bricks radio, Lennon Wall (the magazine), and other school’s events. 

School’s Events

Firstly, it is Europe, college students drink and the school knows it, so there are many school’s hosted parties include beer (pivo, prosím!) and other alcoholic beverages, but students there are very responsible with how much they can handle. Nothing crazy happens. So, if you’d like to get to know more people quickly, AAU hosts parties to celebrate many special occasions, usually before breaks and vacations, in the school’s coffee shop, which also turns into a pub once in a while for those events. Another fun educational event they had was the talk series by professors in the pub. They discussed many interesting international topics like Trump’s policy and how it affects trading. 

Moreover, the school also had a formal ballroom event and I had a chance to go watch a Praha’s Hockey game with them as well. Just make sure that you keep an eye out for posters and emails from the university and their Student Council.

Hiking Club

Hiking Club is quite similar to my college’s Adventure club, a very cool concept. They take students to many beautiful locations in Czech like Bohemian Switzerland and other national parks. Those are not very challenging hike, but they are quite long. Make sure that you bring some comfortable shoes if you’re planning to do this.

Bohemian Switzerland

Sound Bricks

Shout out to my dear friend Kiara, who happens to an amazing DJ!
It is the radio club/station run by AAU students. It is broadcasted in English. they have all the fancy equipment and things you need for audio editing. And of course, there’s training. If you are thinking about being a Dj, this is a wonderful opportunity to not miss out. Here’s there website (link)

Lennon Wall

One of the things Prague people are proud of is their freedom of speech. They take journalism very seriously. One of the clubs that I need to mention is the Lennon Wall which is named after the physical Lennon Wall, a staple of freedom of speech. They are an online magazine about AAU and Prague. I was told that one time they did an investigation on the school president’s favoritism towards her mother, who won the cafeteria contract then. They were told to shut it down, but the people who wrote it insisted and finally publish an article on it. Lennon Wall is where you can find the most current articles by the students of AAU.

Visit this site to see other clubs AAU have to offer.

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