School in Prague: Anglo-American University

School in Prague: Anglo-American University

AAU is a completely different experience from my college in the U.S., and an amazing one. One of the best things abroad for me was my university.

Anglo-American University (AAU) is the oldest private higher education institution in the Czech Republic. They have a strong focus on Social Science, Humanity and Business majors and offers a variety of classes in those disciplines and Czech culture in general. Their mission statement says:

Anglo-American University cultivates a global learning environment, promoting analytical, creative and practical thinking in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Other than it being free, I’ll tell you some of my favorite things about AAU, like the student and faculty body, classes, and location.

Students and Faculties

I like the diversity of AAU. For a total of 1000-student population, AAU has representation from more than 70 countries. They have a large population of international students and 22% of them are from the U.S. I met some of my first Czech, Russians, Moroccans, and many others at AAU. There was some portion of group assignments or field trips in all of my classes, so it was a good opportunity to get to know more people. I adore them all! They also have a very diverse body of faculties, who are from many nationalities and have a lot of international experiences in their field of academia. For instance, my Corporate Finance professor was from Canada. He initially worked for banking and finance analysis in several places (like Dubai). His approach to class is definitely different and applies a more global view of corporate finance. AAU is a relatively small school, so most of the offices are usually in the same area and pretty easy to find your professor’s office. They also have a general student affair office, where you can seek general help.

Another plus with this program is that the CEA office in Prague is always ready to assist you with any academic problems or just life. They are wonderful!


The school is taught completely in English, unless you decide to take Czech the language, of course. We meet up once a week for 3 hours (well… unless you take Czech, you have to make it to class 3-4 times a week). Classes usually start from 9 AM to 9 PM and end early on Friday. I took my college’s general requirement along with majors’ required classes. You have to take at least 12 credit to remain a full-time student status. Each class is 3 credits in Prague, so you will have to take 5 classes for a full 16-credit semester if you wish (taking 5 classes gets you an extra credit). I decided to take 4 only because I was on track to graduate with the total number of credit I earned. Plus, all of the classes were for my majors (including a capstone) and very challenging. I wanted to do well in all of them, instead of rushing through them and get a mediocre result. My classes were Corporate Finance, Marketing and Strategic Planning (which is equivalent to SNC’s Marketing Capstone Requirement), Intercultural Communication, and Cultural Journalism. I was very happy with my class choice and the amount of work was balanced quite well with my travel habit. I will discuss the specific classes that I took. Plenty of the classes offered off-campus trips almost every week, such as Prague Art and Architecture, Sub-culture, and my Cultural Journalism class, the fees are usually included in your tuition. Plus, they also have fun classes like travel writing, video blog, which means you can travel and earn credit at the same time.

Here’s the program website if you are looking for more information: link

Well, I did do something crazy by arranging all of my classes to be on Monday night (6-9 pm) and Wednesday (9 hours of class) to have a long weekend (Thursday – Monday afternoon) to explore and work on my homework on Tuesday. Thanks to this schedule, I did have a lot of time to discover new coffee shops (to study) every week!


The school is located in Malá Strana, Prague 1, but on the other side of the river where the Prague castle is. With that is said, the school is in a prime location, near beautiful places like the Castle, Strahov Monastery, and Wallenstein Garden. The school is also next to a metro and several tram stations.

More info about AAU, please visit: AAU website

Let me know if you have any further questions and click here for more post about my journey in Prague!

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