Apps & Transportations Traveling Europe

Apps & Transportations Traveling Europe

It’s common knowledge that European countries have good public transportation, like their rail and bus systems, so it is very easy to just hop on a bus or train and travel across Europe. There are many ways you can do that. Some people opt to get a Euro Pass, which you can use to travel on certain railroad systems across Europe and you can literally just hop on any train anytime! This is helpful if you are planning to travel Europe intensively in a period of time because these passes can save you money. Plus, they are very convenient because you don’t have to worry about getting the ticket, timing, or catching the right train. Here is the website for Eurail info (link), there are several options and most of them are from low $100 to $500+ depending on where you are going (of course, you have to pay for the convenience as well).

For that reason, it is a very expensive option. I decided to look for my tickets and transportation as I go. In my experience, buses are less expensive and faster than train because they don’t stop as much. Also, I mostly took bus trips to countries nearby the Czech Republic (even to Italy and Slovenia), but opted for flights to make it further destinations like Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Paris (France). Most of my trips in Europe were on buses, overnight buses. My strategies to choose the “right” trip (to me) will be in a later blog post, just hold on tight!

There’s an app for everything these days, but these are some of my favorite apps and websites to look for transportations when traveling in Europe.

GoEuro: all-in-one stop

GoEuro is a meta-database for most transportation in Europe, including flights, buses, trains, and share rides from Blabla Car. It was one of my go-to apps/websites when I have to look for how to get from one city to another or transportations across countries’ borders. You can do an easy search for any city/country to another, whether one-way or round trips, with date and amount of travelers. The results will include information like price, time, and stations of multiple possible trips that you can take. I usually took some time look at the costs (price/time) before I decide with transportation or trip to take. For instance, if the bus ride is 3 hours longer than the flight, but 5 times cheaper, I will take the bus. If you invest some time in it, you will be a savvy and cost-effective traveler too!

You can visit or look for the GoEuro app on Appstore or Google Play.

You might have a problem finding transportation from and to Switzerland because their transportations are mostly regulated by the government. I know for sure that you can take some buses from Munich to Zurich, but other than that, you will have to look at this countries’ public transportation official website.

Google Flights

Google Flights is my favorite site to look for a flight (#nosponsor). It is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. You can use it to search for flights like any other websites. But, Google is not booking the flight for you, you will be doing it directly on the airline official website. Some handy tools Google offers is the ability to choose flexible dates and suggestions for dates or closeby airports that may have a better price for your trips. Plus, they also have a tool to search for multi-flights, so you can look for several destinations if you are planning an extended trip.

My favorite features on Google Flights is suggestions for popular locations or affordable ones if you are just looking for a place to go for the upcoming break. The overall flight map also gives you a better view of prices and destinations that you are thinking of.

BlaBlaCar: Meet and Share

There are risks associating with shared rides and hitchhiking even though it is one of a very common way to travel in Europe; most European friends I know did this. But as a solo female traveler, I always put my safety first, and I hope you do the same. I just really want to mention this “hitchhiking” website. It is an Airbnb but for a ride, you essentially share the gas money. You can find a ride in many countries in Europe, drivers need be verified, and you can read reviews about them. I had a very good experience with my ride from Vienna, Austria to Ljubljana, Slovenia with a fun married couple who were both countries’ natives. I enjoy my (long) ride and the cultural exchange aspects of it.

Again please don’t take this the wrong way. I am not encouraging everyone to go and hitchhike If you are adventurous and are careful in your “ride selection” (like when you select an accommodation), this can be a viable option for you. BlaBlaCar also has rides in Switzerland and it is cheaper than the state’s transportations.

I hope that you’ve got some helpful information for your journey. Leave a comment if you have any questions and let me know what you think about these apps!

I will be writing more about technology and mobile apps that were useful for me when traveling, check them out here. 

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