Dear Italy

Dear Italy

Dear Italy,

For the longest time, I’d been dreaming about visiting Italy. You are my romantic self-calling. Italy is known for its cuisine, art, and nature. Italy is like an all-in-one trip for a solo backpacking traveler like me. There are the mountains, the coasts, and the valley. I needed to see it, and Italy did not disappoint me.

That was why my first trip in the Spring was to Venice and I also spent my Spring Break on a North-South in 10 days including Milan, La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence, and Rome. I will share my story, tips, and treats.


Be ready to kiss or be kissed on both of your cheeks! It was super awkward when I started the introduction with my first Italian host by reach out with my hand (to shake) because I just got there from Germany. It was not necessarily a bad manner, but the first impression is important and you can rock it now because you know! They were lovely to tell me what to do, but still, it’s hard to remember which cheek to go for first (because going for the wrong cheek means … awkward), so I kinda just let them take the lead.

Helpful Italian Phrases

Knowing some simple phrases will help you in making the way through the city, and impress the local! I am nowhere near a professional, so I usually butcher this pretty badly. Google Translate is my best friend!

Buongiorno: Hello, Good Morning!

  • You don’t have to say this, but most people will prefer this way of greetings than just “Ciao”, It’s the first impression thing, again. The first time someone said this to me, I thought that they were saying “Bonjour!” in Italy.

Ciao: Hello, Bye

Buonasera: Hello, Good Evening/Afternoon! (after 2-3 pm) – This is similar to how to use Buongiorno.

Per favore: Please

Grazie: Thank you

Scusami: Excuse me!

Mi dispiace: I’m sorry

Mi piacerebbe, per favore! I would like that *point that the thing*, please!

Here some more helpful Italian phrases if you want to dig in more and really get to know it!

The Plan

I did a couple trips to Italy separately due to my available time. I spent a weekend (4 days) in Venice (February) and my Spring Break bus trip from Prague – Munich – Milan – La Spezia – Cinque Terre (including five villages) – Pisa – Florence – Rome. That was the initial plan. I wanted to see the most that I could in the short amount of time, but also being able to learn about the cities/ town and enjoy the local’s favorite! Here’s the journey:

Italy trip (March – April)

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