Prague Transportation

Prague Transportation

Public Transportation (Tram, Metro, Bus), Taxi, Uber, and courtesy!

Wenceslas Square, Prague – Taken by my friend, Long Nguyen

Public Transportations

Prague (or Praha) is a very walkable town. You can walk to most touristic and famous locations in Prague 1 and 2. if it is too far, you can always hop on a metro, tram, or bus to anywhere you want to go. I love the public transportation system in Prague. It’s everywhere, convenient and almost always on-time (most timely comparing to most countries I’ve been to). Plus, this is also the only reason why I want to live in the city rather than a small town. I miss wandering around the city, finding new places and appreciate the unexpected.

Sometimes, I just hopped on the tram and see where it gets me, that is my favorite type of adventure. Of course, please bring your Google Maps and GPS.

Google Maps and Here WeGo (read about them and other navigation tips) are accurate at public transportation mapping and timing. Those were my must-have for traveling apps, biggest thanks to whoever created them. If you are a student in Prague, I would recommend getting your long-term student pass (using ISIC or Lítačka). I was fortunate that my study abroad program provided my Lítačka card at no extra cost. This card usually costs 50 CZK ( about $2) for online registration and 200 CZK ($10) for an express one (which I used when I lost my first card). You will need to pay for the amount of time you stay but the fare is discounted and you also have some perks with this card like 50% at some museum (link to Litacka’s info and registration). The pass is used for all kinds of transportation in Prague.

Remember: You can only get tickets from Metro station, not bus or tram stations.

For a short visit, there are plenty of other affordable options:

  • You can get a single pass (30 – 90 minutes | applies to any transportation, multiple trips) by SMS or at Metro stations for 24  – 32 CZK)
  • A day pass (24h) is 110 CZK and 3-day (72h) is 310 CZK.
  • A month is about 670 CZK
  • Prague official public transportation website

No matter which one you choose, please don’t forget your pass or discard it right after you get on the train. Public transportations in Prague is dependent on the honor code, so you need to stamp your time as soon as you get into the station/tram. Inspectors often check your pass on the vehicle, so if you don’t have the ticket in advance, you will be charged for the fine and it is very expensive and embarassing.

Lítačka card and a little handmade button “I heart Praha”

Taxi & Uber

Of course, you can get a cab or Uber in Prague as well for some time-saver and if you have many passengers. But, please be careful with Taxi because there are sketchy ones everywhere; it could get outrageously expensive or dangerous (not common). Here are some reputable taxi companies in Prague:

It is usually about 40 CZK for boarding fee, 28 CZK/km, and 6 /waiting minute. Why do I know it? Well, it was posted everywhere in Prague tourist center. I mostly took Uber because I don’t have to take my cash out by that way and avoid other complications.


One thing that you might find strange in Prague is that people don’t look at others’ eyes on the street and smile. It can come across as unfriendly, but it is just the way people are in Czech.

Making eye contacts and smiling could be misunderstood as a sign of flirtation.

Here’re some public transportation rules:

  • Limit talking (and lower voice with phone calls) on tram or train and please don’t dance. They are very quiet places and people
  • When you get to the escalator, the right side is for standing and the left is for walking
  • Giving your seat to the elderly, pregnant women, and people with disabilities is an expected gesture. Some elderly people can think you’re disrespecting them if you don’t and they’ll tell you that they are angry.
  • Pets (they love dogs!) and children (by themselves) on public transportations is a normal thing
  • And last but not least, they do check for your ticket, so please make sure you get those beforehand

That’s a wrap! Let me know if you have any other questions or comments below in the comment section and subscribe for more about my journey and travel tips!

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